This is what inspires us...

ILAIA: further, souther in yagan language.

Welcome to ILAIA HOTEL, a boutique hotel that honors the memory of ancients who lived in this land in full connection with nature and cosmos.

This hotel started when the family who lived in this house moved to another place and today we intend to keep this warm environment in order to make passengers feel at home. We are located in Punta Arenas city at the end of Chile and only four blocks from downtown. The hotel has 8 rooms distributed on 2 floors with minimalist style and decorations inspired in the roots of Patagonia. Spaces specially created to maintain the balance of the body, mind and spirit. We also take care of our planet and we have a green point at the hotel. We recycle glass, plastic, cans and paper.

Welcome to ILAIA Hotel!

What it is also inspires us...

The name of the hotel, ILAIA, has special sence to us. We have painted whales in our wall, because they were very present in the life of ancients. And we have also painted a light code: "Inconditional love" which a young man named KAI (quantum holoforms) gave to humanity. And KAI says: "From the Central Sun, whales receive frequencies carrying great amount of information and light. Through their singing they anchor those frequencies to mother earth records and the crystal grid. Thus convey to all of us who opened our heart, high frequencies of information and light, that allow us to integrate into our own records, cosmic information. This brings clarity, understanding and awareness expansion". In relation to "Inconditional love" code KAI says: "We connect to inconditional love, healing all kind of emotional problems. Our heart opens to divine light. Love is the essence of the creation and through love we are able to see inner beauty in everything. Our relationships heal and balance in harmony.